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Refurbished endoscopy devices from all well-known manufacturers


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High-quality used endoscopes at fair prices

Endoscopy devices used and new

Althea offers you an extensive range of refurbished endoscopy devices from well-known manufacturers such as

professionally tested and approved for medical use.

Of course, we also offer the entire range of rigid and flexible endoscopes from our house brand Althea.

Buying and maintaining endoscopy devices

Our comprehensive service includes the purchase and sale of medical endoscopy devices, professional maintenance and endoscope repair as well as extensive advice on your specific application. The certification complies with the strict EU quality standards for medical devices, which guarantees you and your patients maximum safety when handling our products.

As an established and certified manufacturer, we have more than 25 years of experience in medical endoscopy for all specialities. The knowledge gained from our development forms the basis for our repair service, our expert advice for doctors, users and dealers, as well as training and work shadowing programmes.

Discover our extensive range and use our refurbished endoscopy devices as a cost-saving alternative to expensive new devices. Our entire team is always available to answer your questions and provide technical support and personalised advice.



Numerous used Pentax endoscopy devices - refurbished and ready for immediate use.

Olympus Endoskope


Fully refurbished endoscopes from Olympus for general practitioners, clinics and surgeries.

Althea Endoskope


High-quality and durable endoscopes from our company - new and used.

Fujinon Endoskope


Fully refurbished used Fujinon equipment in excellent condition.

Weitere Endoskop Hersteller

Other brands

Medical endoscopes and a wide range of accessories from numerous other manufacturers.

Endoskopie Reparatur

Endoscopy repair

Specialized repair service with manufacturer expertise for endoscopy devices from numerous manufacturers and medical fields.

Frequently asked questions

General questions about our medical devices

Is there a price list for used endoscopes?

As a manufacturer, we can provide our customers with a price list for all Althea products. For used endoscopes from other manufacturers, we can provide you with customised quotations based on your requirements.

Why do the medical devices not have any price information?
As each individual medical device is in a different condition and has different warranty periods, we prepare individual offers for each of our customers.
Which endoscopes does Althea buy?

We purchase medical devices such as endoscopes, processors, light sources, US probes and a wide range of accessories from all specialist areas from every well-known manufacturer. After a comprehensive general overhaul and thorough functional testing, we can then offer them to our customers as a cost-effective alternative to expensive new equipment. The best-known manufacturers of our used endoscopes are Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon.

What condition are the used endoscopes in?

Every device is completely overhauled and extensively tested in our specialised workshop before being sold. Althea therefore expressly sells used endoscopes as refurbished devices. Our certification means that the devices are approved for medical purposes.

How long does Althea guarantee used endoscopes?

Our warranty terms depend on the price and status of our customer. End users, mostly doctors in private practice, receive a 6 to 12-month warranty on refurbished endoscopes.