25 years Althea Germany

14. February 2023
Robert Lernbecher, Geberit-Geschäftsführer und Vizepräsident der IHK Bodensee-Ober- schwaben, überreichte die Jubiläumsurkunde der IHK an Christine Strobel, Operation Managerin von Althea in Pfullendorf.

In 1997, Althea Deutschland GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of the American company MedServ International, which has been active in the medical technology sector since 1990, specializing in endoscopy and accessories. Althea specializes in the repair and maintenance of endoscopes and has also been manufacturing rigid and flexible endoscopes itself since 2002. The company's product range is aimed at hospitals and practicing physicians such as gastroenterologists, internists or ENT specialists, but also at international distributors.

In 2009, Althea Deutschland GmbH was acquired by TBS Group. In the course of the generation change in both companies, the acquisition of TBS Group by Althea Group, headquartered in Rome, took place in 2017. Althea Group specializes in integrated healthcare technology management, from biomedicine to imaging units, and has around 3,000 employees in 17 countries worldwide.

In addition to the core business of manufacturer-independent endoscope repair, the repair service has also been offered for ultrasound probes and MRI coils since 2019. As an official partner of the Paritätischer Gesamtverband, Althea has also been supplying senior citizens' homes and facilities for the disabled with medical articles, such as hygiene gloves, masks and tests, since 2020.